If we’ve learned anything from this year, it’s that building a lasting relationship in today’s world isn’t easy. Of course, this gives us all the more reason why milestones in a relationship should be celebrated. A wedding is one of the most special moments in a relationship and is often marked with the exchange of rings to symbolise an unending bond. Similarly, significant events, such as the birth of a first child or a wedding anniversary, are often marked with the gifting of an eternity ring, or an infinity ring. But what is an eternity ring, and why does it make such a perfect gift?

Though many believe eternity rings to be a modern tradition, their real origins date back to ancient Egypt. The ‘ouroboros’ depicted a snake eating its own tail to form a ring and was often formed from any manner of materials and gifted as a symbol of unending love.

Nowadays, our eternity rings are a little more aesthetically pleasing, crafted from precious metals with diamonds and/or other precious gemstones. 

DB52Y lifestyle 5

Our heirloom eternity rings are a popular choice. Prices start at €995




The stones in an eternity ring usually run the whole way around the band and are often all of similar size. However, there are no hard and fast rules with an eternity ring. In fact, our heirloom eternity rings in particular have proven to be very popular. These rings comprise of either three or four birthstones, accented with diamonds throughout. The three stone heirloom ring is a popular choice for the birth of a first child. In these cases the wearer would often choose to incorporate her own birthstone, that of her partners and that of her child. These rings are available in your choice of precious metal.




18ct white gold 105ct round brilliant cut diamonds vintage eternity ring HET1117W

This ring has all of the bling and starts at €4,160




Those looking for some full-on bling might like this stunning ring, featuring a treble row of diamonds set in 18ct white gold. This is what is known as a half eternity ring, with diamond coverage running across 50% of the band only. With diamonds being the universal symbol of longevity, this style of eternity ring makes the perfect choice for a significant wedding anniversary. 





18ct white gold 025ct round brilliant cut diamonds rubover set vintage wedding ring HET2503W 300x300

The perfect finishing touch for your ring finger!


Many women choose to wear an eternity ring on the same hand as their engagement and wedding rings. We often suggest a ring which suits the style and setting of the existing diamonds for the ultimate impact. The most popular choice is usually a ring which comprises one row of diamonds, though this will depend on individual taste and style.

This ring, featuring a single row of round brilliant cut diamonds encased in white gold, is a popular choice as it complements many ring styles perfectly.





9ct Yellow Gold Ruby Diamond Vintage Eternity Ring TA211

True vintage style for those who prefer a flash of colour

Another option for those who prefer the vibrancy of coloured gemstones would be to intersperse diamonds and your chosen gemstone. This classic style eternity ring features four luscious rubies connected by three sparkling diamonds. This ring is set in 9ct yellow gold and is a great choice for someone who prefers a more vintage style of ring.

No matter what cause for celebration you have this year, at Lorimat you can be sure to find your perfect eternity ring. And because we think we all have cause to celebrate making it through that crazy Summer, we are offering a free check and clean every year for five years for all eternity rings purchased in the month of September 2020!



Browse our eternity rings online here, or simply book your appointment online, over the phone or via WhatsApp, and we’ll be delighted to help you choose the perfect ring!


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