Jewellery Guides

When it comes to buying vintage rings, there are so many types of stones, finishes, styles and materials to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Read on for tips and guides that, we hope, will help you to decide and choose easily!

diamond sizes

When it comes to choosing a diamond ring, you’ll hear about the Four C’s of diamonds (cut, colour, clarity, and carats). There’s something else you’ll want to know though, if you’re viewing rings online and therefore can’t actually see the physical object. It’s ‘just how big is that diamond?’.  With that in mind, here’s our […]

wedding rings

For men about to get married, choosing a wedding ring can seem like a daunting task – particularly if they have little or no previous experience of wearing a ring or any other sort of jewellery. The bride-to-be will most likely have a good idea of the type of wedding ring she would like, but […]