If you’re buying an engagement ring, you’re obviously with someone very, very special! And a beautiful engagement ring to go with your promise to marry will make your love even more special. While all sorts of engagement rings are available, it can be difficult at first to find the one that just seems perfect for you. So, how do you choose the right diamond engagement ring?

Apart from the design, there are four important aspects to keep in mind while buying a diamond engagement ring. They are Carat, Clarity, Colour, and Cut, which together are known as the 4Cs. Each of these aspects is important, and each affects the cost of the diamond.


The carat is the easiest aspect of a diamond to understand. Carat just refers to the size of a diamond. It is simply a measure of the weight of a diamond, and nothing else. For example, saying an engagement ring has a one carat diamond means its diamond weights 0.2 grams. A engagement ring’s diamond or diamonds can be smaller or larger than this as well.


The clarity is the hardest aspect of a diamond to understand. In fact, it usually requires help from an expert to understand this particular quality of a diamond. When shopping for a diamond, there are usually five grades of clarity to know:

  1. Flawless (FL and IF ratings), which are the best;
  2. Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2 ratings), which are next to the best;
  3. Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2 ratings), which are the third best;
  4. Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2 ratings), which are the fourth best;
  5. And Included (I1, I2, and l3 ratings), which are the lowest grade diamonds.

Typically, engagement rings with diamonds graded VS1, VS2, Sl1, and Sl2 represent an ideal choice for most people. Engagement rings with FL and IF diamonds are very expensive, and only some can afford to buy them.


The colour of diamonds is graded by a letter system. A diamond with the grade “D” is the best, followed by grade “E” and grade “F” diamonds. Diamonds of these grades are ‘Colourless’.

Diamonds with the grades “G” to “J” are ‘Near Colourless’. “K” to “M” grades diamonds are “Faint Yellow” and “N” to “R” grades diamonds are “Very Light Yellow”. Finally, “S” through “Z” grades diamonds are “Light Yellow”.

Usually, high-quality engagement rings have “D”, “E”, or “F” grade diamonds. But, engagement rings with “G” to “J” grades diamonds also make a good choice.


The cut is the most important aspect of a diamond. It simply refers to the shape of the diamond. There are different types of cuts, but among them, 12 are the most common ones for engagement rings, as well as for wedding rings. They are as follows:

  • Round Brilliant Cut
  • Princess Cut
  • Emerald Cut
  • Oval Brilliant
  • Baguette Cut
  • Pear Brilliant
  • Marquise Cut
  • Heart Brilliant
  • Asscher Cut
  • Radiant Cut
  • Cushion Cut
  • Trilliant Cut

Among all these common diamond cuts, the most popular these days are round brilliant, followed by the Princess cut, which, by the way, is square or rectangular in shape.

How much should you spend?

After understanding about the 4Cs of the diamond, it is now time to choose the right engagement ring. But, before you choose, you need to decide how much you can spend on a diamond engagement ring. The usual rule of thumb, here in Ireland, is to spend about a month’s salary; nevertheless, it will, of course, vary from person to person. When you have a definite budget in mind, it will be a lot easier to shop the right engagement ring for your love.

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Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring – What You Should Know
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Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring – What You Should Know
While all sorts of beautiful diamond engagement rings are available, it can be difficult at first to find the one that just seems perfect for you. So, how do you choose the right diamond engagement ring? Read this blog to find out.
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