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For men about to get married, choosing a wedding ring can seem like a daunting task – particularly if they have little or no previous experience of wearing a ring or any other sort of jewellery.

The bride-to-be will most likely have a good idea of the type of wedding ring she would like, but men coming to choose theirs often don’t know where to start, even with something as fundamental as the type of metal they would like or which would suit them best.

We’ve therefore put together this guide to men’s wedding rings, to help with making the choice.

Most popular men’s wedding ring

The most popular men’s wedding ring today is a palladium band, that is 5mm wide and with a slight court profile. This profile is very comfortable for men to wear, while palladium is one of the ‘silver’/white metals that are by far the trend at the moment for men’s wedding rings.

Palladium is a relatively new metal used in jewellery. It is part of the platinum family, but significantly less expensive. It requires very little maintenance and is available in any width or shape, with either a polished or matt finish. We can also apply any style pattern free of charge.

Other options for men’s wedding rings

Other choices of metal for men’s wedding rings include:

  • Tungsten
    Tungsten is extremely durable and scratch resistant, making them a good choice for men who work outdoors, other manual workers, or any other man likely to give his wedding ring ‘hardship’ in any way. Tungsten rings are available in a range of styles and widths, with prices from just €55. Please note that tungsten rings are much heavier than other precious metals however, and cannot be adjusted or sized.
  • Sterling Silver
    Sterling Silver is a lightweight material, is very comfortable to wear, and is a budget option with prices from just €90. It is available in any width and shape, it can have either a polished or matt finish, and there is also the choice whether or not to have a pattern engraved.
  • Gold
    Available in 9ct or 18ct, and as white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. For many years, gold was the classic choice for men’s wedding rings as well as for ladies. Yellow gold is still a popular option for men who want a classic look, and rose gold is an unusual but potentially striking choice for men. However, we do not generally recommend white gold for men’s wedding rings, as they generally require rhodium plating more frequently.
  • Platinum
    Platinum is the ultimate choice in luxury and style. It is available in any width and shape, either polished or matt, and with or without a pattern. It is durable and does not require rhodium plating. However, it must be noted that platinum is also the most expensive choice of material.

Other items to consider

When choosing a men’s wedding ring, there are also other items to consider, such as:

  • Profile – This refers to whether the edges of the ring are flat or rounded. A slight court profile is the most popular choice with men, as most find it the easiest and most comfortable to wear. However, others may prefer a different choice, so be sure to try on a few.
  • Width – A 5mm band is the most common choice, but 6mm sizes are popular too, while the best choice for other men could be even larger or smaller. Note that it’s not necessarily the case that a large hand requires a large ring, and vice versa! It all depends on other characteristics too, so again, be sure to try a few widths before making a final choice.
  • Finish – A men’s wedding ring can be left with a plain finish, or it can include patterns or engravings such as a millgrain edge, a slight groove, or even a Celtic motif. The choice is wide, and the choice is yours.

At Lorimat Jewellers, we will guide you through all these options and help you choose the men’s wedding ring that’s right for you. Just call to see us at 24 Patrick Street in Kilkenny.

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