‘Can my gold be melted down to make a new ring?’

We often get asked this question. Sometimes we’re asked by a person who has inherited an old ring from a parent or grandparent, and would like it melted down to form the basis of a new ring. Sometimes, we’re asked by somebody who would like a complete re-style of their own engagement ring or some other jewellery.

In all cases, the sentiment is nice – but unfortunately, we generally have to advise against doing so.

The main reason why it is not recommended to melt down used gold is because the alloys in it do not co-operate when being re-cast.

For example, 18 carat gold (the most common type we see) is an alloy of 75% gold and 25% other metals. While the gold itself can be used over and over again, the other metals can cause problems such as porosity, discolouration, and cracks.

If the gold is of major sentimental value and you really want to incorporate it into a new piece of jewellery, it is still possible to do so. You can elect to have the gold refined and separated from the alloys – but please note it is much more expensive to do this, particularly with just a small amount of gold such as for just one ring, rather than being done on a large commercial basis.

Instead of trying to re-use your gold, we can recycle it and allow for the value of this off the new piece of jewellery. The value is based on the spot price of gold on the day.

With regard to platinum, it is always advised to use 100% new platinum rather than attempt to re-use existing jewellery, as remelting platinum will not produce a quality ring.

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