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Modern Interpretations of Timeless Classics

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A truly vintage engagement ring or vintage wedding ring can be a thing of timeless grace and beauty.

However, they can also be beset with problems, simply because of their age.

We at Lorimat Jewellers instead offer an extensive range of vintage-style rings to still bring you that classic elegance, subtly tailored to today’s refined tastes, and with added peace of mind regarding maintenance and repair.

Advantages of vintage-style rings over genuine vintage rings include

  • Sheer Brilliance

    The biggest issue people often face when browsing vintage rings is that the diamonds simply don’t sparkle enough.

    This is because the majority of vintage rings contain Old Mine Cut or European Cut diamonds. These diamonds have fewer facets (cuts) than today, and larger culets (the pointed part at the bottom of the diamond). The smaller number of facets means that less light refracts through the diamond, while the larger culet creates a dark spot when you look through the centre of the diamond.

    The greater number of facets and smaller culets in today’s diamond cuts instead gives a truly brilliant stone to bring maximum sparkle to your finger. Selecting a vintage-style ring will therefore give you the classic look of yesterday but all the brilliance of today.

  • Increased Strength

    An older vintage ring may already have been re-sized several times for several owners. Each re-sizing will have weakened the band holding the precious stones, no matter how expert the jeweller.

    Similarly, an older ring may have worn claws or narrow shanks actually holding the diamonds or other stones in place. All maintenance and repair work carried out on these over the years will also have weakened the structure.

    By choosing a new vintage-style ring rather an older antique ring, you will have no worries about the strength and integrity of one of the most precious things you will ever own.

  • Ease of Replacement

    In the unfortunate event of your ring losing a stone, it can be nigh on impossible to source a suitable replacement for a genuine vintage or antique ring, due to how cuts and tastes have changed since the ring’s original manufacture.

    By choosing a newer ring in vintage style, it will be much easier to replace a stone should one ever be lost – and it will be much more unlikely for one to ever be lost in the first place.

  • Easier to Insure

    A modern interpretation of a vintage design is far easier to assess and insure appropriately, and therefore easier to replace if it is ever lost or stolen.

Choose a vintage-style engagement ring, wedding ring, or eternity ring with us, and you will be guaranteed not only a classic and eye-catching piece of jewellery of true beauty, but also peace of mind regarding its future care. Just browse our range of vintage-style rings to begin to make your choice.