Ring Re-Design

Ring Redesign

Lorimat Jewellers provides an expert ring re-design and remodelling service for anyone who’s ever considered giving their engagement ring some added sparkle or a whole new look.

Our ring re-design service is also perfect for anybody who would like to wear a ring that belonged to their mother, grandmother, aunt, or somebody else, but who feel that the ring isn’t quite to their own personal taste.

We will fully appraise your ring, discuss your personal preferences, and advise on just what is possible as regards a minor or major ring re-design.

Changes you might like to consider include:

  • Changing the setting of your diamond – to give the ring a new look, or to make it more durable and wearable

  • Upgrading your diamond – replacing a smaller stone with a larger one

  • Adding additional diamonds – either as a halo cluster around your centrepiece stone, or on the shoulders of your ring’s band

  • Adding other gemstones – to give a dash of colour, ranging from a shimmering blue aquamarine to a deep red ruby, and many other options too, depending on your taste and what may hold special significance for you

  • Changing the setting of your diamond – a simple way to give your ring a sleek new look

Design Options

The possibilities are endless. Whatever you desire, we will advise on the best way to achieve it.  We will also suggest other possibilities for a ring re-design that may not have occurred to you.

A full consultation is provided before any work is carried out.  We also accept deposits on that work, so that you do not face a big financial outlay up front.  You have the option of making deposit payments online.

A consultation normally takes between 30 and 45 minutes, and we recommend that you book an appointment in advance. You can do this by simply calling us at 056 7751455 or using our contact us form.

If you would also like to avail of our ring re-design service, just book a consultation today. We’ll look forward to meeting you.

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